Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This crazy entertainer chops cucumbers on his forearm, neck, crotch and back of his head in a toe-curling stunt –  claiming to be ‘the human chopping board’.

For most, cutting up your fruits and vegetables on a board is a sufficient method of practice, but professional daredevil performer, Brad Byers, 58, from Pullman, Washington, prefers to use his body.

Placing a cucumber of his forearm and brandishing a large, sharp machete in his opposing hand, he doesn’t hesitate to swing the blade towards his merciless limb, slicing the vegetable into three slices without causing a single scratch.

Escalating from one extremity to the other, Brad – a two-time contestant on America’s Got Talent – next hacks away at another cucumber over his throat and crotch, in a cringe-worthy flurry, before chopping another over the back of his head.


Finding his passion for the extremities of live performance after joining the circus aged 17, he has now broken 72 world records with his unusual talents.

Brad said: “I began by chopping vegetables on a wooden block until I developed the control necessary to not cut the wood.

“The vegetables are chopped into but the machete is snapped back before it cuts through my flesh.

“Gasps and screams are my applause; fainting is my standing ovation.


“I am the only person in the world who swallows 12 swords and twists them all at once in my throat.

“I appeared on both season four and eight of America’s Got Talent, getting through the Las Vegas round most recently.

“I’m now a full-time performer and I can’t wait to perform this new stunt in front of live audiences.”

To see more of Brad’s jaw-dropping stunts, visit his website: