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By Curtis Mitchell 

This demanding cat loves being patted on the bum by owner who claims it helps keep he calm. 

Stormy the cat, 11, was born deaf when she came to live with owner, Tory Haas, as a kitten, in Cincinnati, USA. 

But Stormy has always enjoyed being patted on her bum by Tory and cries when he stops. 

Tory said: “She’s great, she’s definitely the weirdest cat I’ve ever owned. 

PIC FROM Caters News

“I tell people I’m resetting the cat because she completely mellows out and goes into zen mode.”

“I’ve had her since she was a kitten and she is now almost 11 years old. 

“She was born completely deaf and I call her my crazy old lady because she’s never changed as she gets older.

“She will do this for likely as long as you keep patting her. It’s one of her favorite things. She’s super weird and I adore her.”