Life Video

By Luke Kenton

After enduring a six-months of chemotherapy, this inspirational mother was left speechless when her friends and family surprised her by parading in the street to celebrate her final day of treatment.

Diagnosed with triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma – an aggressive form of breast cancer – in October, a torrid six months came to a relieving end for Margaret French, after her Chemotherapy treatment successfully ceased two weeks ago (April 2nd).


With just the removal of a now dormant tumour left to confront, the mother-of-two was in high spirts as she left the hospital in Huntington Beach, California, but her emotions reached new heights when she spotted her daughters – Angela and Jamie, standing at the side of the road.

Greeted by a sign reading ‘No Mo’ Chemo’, Margaret is handed a camera by another family member and instructed to capture the surprises that lay ahead.

Her initial apprehensive laughter soon escalates into joyous tears, as adoring friends, family, colleagues and neighbours all intermittently appear with signs and cheers of support, during her journey home.

Stepping out of the car, Margaret wipes away the tears as she thanks the gathering crowd for their unrelenting support over the last 140 days, as U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’ plays in the background.

One half of the organising committee of the heart-felt surprise, Jamie, 35, said: “It’s been a hard and daunting road, but she’s persevered with inspiring strength.


“Angela and I really wanted to celebrate thus huge milestone because there were many moments when the ‘finish line’ seemed so far away.

“We began reaching out to family and friends, and every single person we contacted was so eager to be involved.

“My mom always goes above and beyond to make people feel special.

“She’s touched many lives and we wanted to create something truly unforgettable for her.

“Almost everyone took an extended lunch or the day off to be by her side – we even had people drive hours to be there.


“My mom is an incredible woman, there is truly no one more deserving.

“She has surgery scheduled to remove her tumour in April, which will be followed by seven weeks of radiation.

“She is in such high spirits and her medical team are very pleased with her progress.”