Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

A video of an unimpressed dog giving ‘side eye’ to a car full of strangers has left the internet in stitches.

As Taylor Long and his mum Lori were sat in a restaurant car park in Greers Ferry, Arkansas, the pair spotted a dog perched behind the steering wheel.

Finding the whole scenario hilarious, Lori shouts through the window ‘do you know you’re a dog?’ leaving both her son and herself in stitches.

Disturbed by the laughter, the dog constantly gives Taylor and his mum sideways glances, causing the video to go viral, having been viewed almost seven million times on social media.

Taylor said: “Both me and mum found it absolutely hilarious.

“At first mum thought it was a guy wearing a hat and she asked me to look and see what type it was.

“When I looked over I laughed and told her it wasn’t a hat, it was a dog.

“It carried on for about four minutes before we decided to head inside and find the owner.

“It turns out they’re from Maine and travel across the country year-round.”