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By Josh Saunders

Abandoned prison that used to hold geriatric prisoners remains eerily haunting with wheelchairs, homemade tattoo guns and more all LEFT TO ROT.

Built in 1950, this former state prison in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, once housed 600 medium-to-minimum security inmates.


Consisting of mainly elderly or disabled prisoners sent to live out their remaining years behind bars, many were confined to wheelchairs or suffered health issues.

With eight isolation cells and eight dormitories that held around 65 beds – as well as a prison chapel built from donations.

The Georgia State Prison closed eight years ago as part of cost-saving measures and due to being judged inefficient for purpose.

Urban explorer Abandoned Southeast visit the site last month and found a range of unusual items from homemade tattoo gun to a Georgia state flag draped over hooks.

Now all that dwells the corridors and dorms are a littering of wheelchairs, hospital bed and either a fox or raccoon.

Abandoned Southeast said: “It was eerily quiet. The only sign of life was the occasional footprint from a fox or raccoon.

“The prison housed older inmates who were sentenced to spend their remaining years behind bars.

PICS BY ABANDONED SOUTHEAST / CATERS NEWS: keys and images of the prisoners

“In one room there was a homemade tattoo gun sitting on a shelf, likely confiscated from an inmate. The setup was elaborate using a battery and a needle.

“I was surprised to see the bath tubs in the prison. That’s not something that you would normally find, along with an abundance of hospital beds and wheelchairs.

“From researching the prison online, I read that the inmate population was mostly geriatric so that explains the items we came across.

PICS BY ABANDONED SOUTHEAST / CATERS NEWS: Georgia state flag on hooks

“Only inmates who had a security level too high to go outside the prison were considered for jobs inside the prison.

If the inmate had a low level of security, they were assigned to outside work details. Inmates were allowed one hour each day of yard time.

PICS BY ABANDONED SOUTHEAST / CATERS NEWS: handmade tattoo gun confiscated from the prisoners

Younger inmates who were able-bodied, several dozen in total; were housed in separate modular building on the prison grounds.

“These inmates worked to maintain the prison inside and out helping with tasks such as changing light bulbs, cleaning floors, and preparing meals in the kitchen.

“I read the prison closed during a cost saving realignment programm in 2010.

“The facility was outdated and considered inefficient. Inmates were sent to other prisons in the area. There are 10 prisons within a 45-mile radius in middle Georgia.”

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