Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran 

This pampered puppy refuses to walk after insisting he should be carried by his owner. 

French bulldog, Monty, is just three-months-old and has already become accustomed to high life after refusing to walk on his lead and lying down on the pavement.

Owner, Laurel Lea Lewis, 20, from Baton Rouge, Louisianna, filmed the overdramatic pooch, back in March, as he rolls on his tummy waiting to be picked up.

Laurel, a college student, said: ” I took him for a walk earlier that day and he laid down, so I picked him up. After that, he just assumed I would pick him up every time he laid down.

“I started laughing, he was being so dramatic. You would have thought we just finished a marathon.

“We were going for our daily afternoon walk probably not even 20 feet from our front door and he just started lying down about every five feet and just rolling over, refusing to walk unless I begged him to.

“He did walk the rest of the way but it took about an hour for a usual tens minute walk.”