Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This is the adorable moment a baby and his German Shepherd play chase around their living room.

Little Leo MacDonald and his furry friend Zeus kept themselves endlessly entertained as they carried on the game at home in Enola, Pennsylvania, on April 1.

Sat on the wood floor, the 11-month-old starts chasing after his pooch pal on his hands and knees, leading Zeus to run away around the corner.

When he gets back to the other side, the 20-month-old canine stops in his tracks and turns around sharpish, continuing the trick multiple times leaving Leo gurgling away happily.

Leo’s grandma, Kimberly, said: “At first, I just thought Zeus had the zoomies, as he will run around the house like a maniac.

“Then I realised he wanted Leo to chase after him.

“I thought it was hilarious.

“They have an amazing relationship.

“From the day we brought Leo home from the hospital, we have been working on socialising them together.

“He can be a little rough with us, but he is always so gentle with Leo.

“Leo just started to pull himself up the other month, and he likes to pull himself up on Zeus.”