By Lauren Fruen 

THESE pictures show life inside a revolutionary eco village where families live off grid in an experimental community.

More than 600 people now live in green utopia Serenbe, which was first opened 15 years ago.


The community was designed by architect Dr. Phill Tabb, who lives on site, and is the concept of Steve and Marie Nygren.

It is hidden amid 1,000 acres of natural forest landscape just south of Atlanta in the United States.

Homes – which are heated and cooled with ground-sourced heat pumps – were built into the landscape to minimize the impact on the land.


Manicured lawns are not allowed and fresh food is a natural asset with a 25-acre organic farm.

There is also a seasonal Saturday farmers market and edible landscaping along paths and sidewalk.

The water system is eco friendly and vegetated wetland treats all the wastewater.


There are currently three restaurants, eight retailers, a gym, a day spa and a school on site. They are all connected by walking trails.

A spokesman for the village said: “Each of Serenbe’s four hamlets have complementary commercial centers focused on the elements of a well-lived life – arts for inspiration, agriculture for nourishment, health for wellbeing and education for awareness.


“The vision for the community of Serenbe was born in an effort to protect the beautiful rural land just

outside of Atlanta known as Chattahoochee Hill Country.


“They say that if you want to change the world, you should start in your own backyard. If that’s so, then

Serenbe is quite a beginning.”