By Sophie Norris

This mischievous toddler left her parents feeling blue when she got her hands on some bright blue face paint and transformed herself into a Smurf.

Three-year-old Eve Lott, had been mysteriously quiet for just five minutes when her parents Juliette and Steve noticed a little blue flash whizz past them on Sunday [APRIL 8].

Realising their crafty daughter had been silently playing alone behind them before running to the mirror, Juliette, 43, jumped up to investigate.

MERCURY PRESSshe discovered was a giant blue Smurf as little Eve stood giggling proudly at her handiwork. SEE MERCURY COPY

What she discovered was a giant blue Smurf as little Eve stood giggling proudly at her handiwork.

Shocked at her daughter’s appearance and relieved she hadn’t touched any of the walls, Juliette and Steve could only stare in horror at their daughter’s new look before eventually bursting out with laughter.

It then took two hours of scrubbing in the bath to return her to normal.

Juliette, from London, said: “She’s a little terror. She was being mischievous and messy and her normal cheeky self.

“It took an hour and a half, two baths with scrubbing, hair washing with numerous cleaning products and then her skin was back to normal.

“The eyes took a few more days to go, she looked like a little goth for a while.

“It was like she’d turned herself into a real-life Smurf.”


Juliette’s sister came round for a catch-up and handed Eve the goody bag as a gift.

Her parents had no idea what was stashed in the bag but didn’t give it any thought until, after a few minutes of silence, Eve dashed to admire herself in the mirror.

Juliette said: “We were having a very quiet family day in on Sunday and Eve was playing in the corner on her rug. She’d been quiet for about five minutes.

“I saw her dash past the door to the mirror and decided to go and see what she was up to.

“Her Aunty ‘Bubba’ had given her a goody bag and obviously there was this palette of blue face paint in there which she’d found and she merrily got to work.”

When Juliette discovered her youngest child stood proudly staring at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Whisked off to the bath, Eve sat in a pool of vivid blue water as her mum frantically scrubbed it off but she was still left looking ‘like a little goth.’

Juliette said: “When I saw her, she was just stood there laughing. I said, ‘Oh my God Steve, come and look at Eve, now!’ She was so so proud of herself we couldn’t tell her off.

“The first thing I did was take a photo. We’ll definitely be saving that for her 18th birthday.


“Then I picked her up and put her in the bath where she stayed for about two hours, trying to get the blue off.

“She was just laughing the whole time, she thought it was absolutely hilarious. Eve is so mischievous, fun, very clever.

“Luckily, the mess was relatively contained and she hadn’t given our walls a nice high-five, but she had completely destroyed her play rug.

“I’m hiding all the paint away, for sure, and I’ve warned our family members not to bring any paint into the house ever again.”