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A mum-to-be who survived a pregnancy to a CANCER-CAUSING TUMOUR is now expecting a healthy baby girl.

Alisha Davies, 32, of Llanharry, Wales, has become pregnant two years after being told she was ‘cancer free’ and is due to give birth to her first child in July.

PIC BY ALISHA DAVIES / CATERS NEWS: An ultrasound scan of Alisha and Jons baby

She started to experience blood loss five days after becoming pregnant in 2016 and was told during an ultrasound reading two weeks later that there were signs of a molar pregnancy.

After doctors confirmed that her bump was actually a grape-sized cancerous tumour, Alisha was forced to get a Dilation and Curettage surgery to remove the growth.

Left with Gestational Trophoblastic Disease, a form of cancer that causes abnormal cell growth in the uterus, she had to spend the next five months getting chemotherapy injections.

The last three months of her treatments included a strengthened IV drip.

PIC BY ALISHA DAVIES / CATERS NEWS: Alisha recieved chemo injections for five months following her molar pregnancy

Once the disease was cleared, doctors found an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) a collection of abnormal blood vessels that can cause death at any time, which disappeared naturally.

Two years later, her and her husband Jon, 32, decided it was time to attempt to conceive again.

Alisha, a beauty therapist, said: “It was so terrifying. I thought I was pregnant and then all of a sudden I was being told that there was no baby.

“I had no idea what it was. I was in complete shock and was afraid that I wasn’t going to survive.

“The cancer could have spread, but thankfully I started the treatments quickly and it was under control.

“The AVM just went away on its own. I guess that was my little gift after everything I went through.

PIC BY ALISHA DAVIES / CATERS NEWS: A closeup of Alishas pregnancy bump.

“Even after the doctors told me that the second pregnancy was fine, I was still very scared.

“Now I finally feel a sense of relief and I am confident that the baby is going to be healthy.

“I can’t wait to see how it’s going to feel when I’m finally able to hold her.”

Alisha and Jon did fear that a molar pregnancy could happen the second time around, but thought it was the right time to attempt to have their first child again.

She said: “Once you’ve had a molar pregnancy, the risk of having another one is pretty high.

“I was petrified again, thinking that it could be another molar pregnancy, but we really wanted to have a baby.”

PIC BY ALISHA DAVIES / CATERS NEWS: Alisha and her husband Jon take a selfie in the hospital

At the first ultrasound reading, the doctor immediately noticed a heartbeat and assured her that it would not be a molar pregnancy.

In the reading two years prior, there was no heartbeat and all that could be seen was grape-like mass.

While she was still terrified, her family was ecstatic after hearing the positive news.

Alisha said: “My doctor knew right away that it wasn’t going to be molar pregnancy because of the heartbeat.

“Everyone was over the moon when they heard that the pregnancy was going well.”

PIC BY ALISHA DAVIES / CATERS NEWS: Alisha and Jon on their wedding day

Jennifer Gilbreath, founder of support group My Molar Pregnancy, says the tumour develops as a result of a genetic mishap that cannot be prevented.

She said: “Of all the eggs and sperm that could have met in that moment, it just happens that the ones that connected didn’t do so in the expected way.

“There is no way to predict whether or not the egg and sperm will pair up correctly with no chromosomal errors.”

She added: “Persistent gestational tumours, the malignant form of molar pregnancy, is 100 percent curable. It is usually treated by an oncologist using chemotherapy.

“Women can certainly get pregnant again after a molar pregnancy. They must first reach the normal pregnancy hormone levels and maintain that level.”

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