Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran 

An adorable two year old has been caught on the phone to a debt collector demanding CHICKEN NUGGETS.

The adorable clip shows toddler, Liliana, talking on the phone to an unsuspecting male caller while on her driveway.

The caller, who was asking for someone called Francisco, has no idea he’s speaking to a two year old.

Liliana’s mum, Lensi, Daniel, 23, was in hysterics after her daughter then asked for chicken nuggets during the two minute video filmed on March 20.

Lensi, a full time mum, said: “Liliana answered the phone to a debt collector who had the wrong number.

“She has been answering the phone lately when people call and she just happened to answer it and at one point they actually thought he was talking to the right person.

“It was hilarious when she asked for her favourite meal, chicken nuggets, we couldn’t stop laughing.

“I think the man on the phone was confused but he remained polite before ending the call.”