By Charlotte Nisbet

An obese 18 stone bride-to-be has ditched her favourite chips and pasta after refusing to buy a plus size gown.

Daniella Parry, 28, hated her size 20 frame but it wasn’t until her partner, Luke, 27, proposed that she finally decided to ditch her unhealthy eating habits.

She was determined not to buy a plus size wedding dress and managed to drop six stone in six months with the help of Cambridge Weight Plan.

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Her fiance, Luke, then followed in her healthy footsteps and managed to lose over four stone ahead of their big day.

Daniella – who can now wear a dress size 10 – was thrilled with her new slimline figure after losing six stone ahead of their big day.

The couple have now lost 10st in total and are sharing their story to give others the inspiration.

Daniella, a Mental Health Worker, said: “I didn’t want to look big on my wedding day and I definitely didn’t want to try on plus size dresses.
“I never felt comfortable when I was overweight and after feeling like a sack at my cousins wedding, I knew I needed to slim down.

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“When Luke proposed in November 2015 I was over the moon but I was dreading the wedding day because of my appearance.

“I joined Cambridge Weight Plan and followed their easy meal plan, it didn’t take long before the weight started to fall off.

“I’d ditched the pasta dishes and chips for healthy alternatives instead.

“As soon as Luke saw me losing weight he decided to join too so we could eat healthier together.

“By March 2017 I had already lost five stone so I could start looking for wedding dresses.

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“Never in a million years did I imagine I’d be choosing something that was figure-hugging but I did.

“My dress was amazing and on our wedding day both me and Luke felt amazing, it was the best day of our lives.”

Daniella has been bullied during school because of her size and after falling pregnant in 2015 with their daughter, Sophia, her weight continued to increase.

She added: “I weighed 18st at my heaviest and would eat up to four pieces of toast for breakfast as it was quick and easy.

“I didn’t watch what I ate after I had  my daughter and although I wasn’t happy with how I looked I was too busy with my new baby to care or change my lifelong habits.

“We would both eat pasta bakes or burgers and chips for dinner and would snack on crisps, chocolate and biscuits if we were hungry inbetween meals.

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“But once I joined Cambridge Weight Plan I ditched all the snacks and instead lived off the diet meals they provided, and Luke did the same.

“It was so easy and the results were rapid, in just six months I’d dropped six stone.

“I could finally go wedding dress shopping in March 2017 as I finally didn’t need to wear a plus size dress.”

Luke and Daniella had their wedding at a local sailing club with 100 guests.

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She added: “We didn’t want anything extravagant for our wedding day but we did invite a lot of people.

“It was the best feeling when people saw me in my dress for the first time.

“Some people hadn’t seen me since I first started losing weight so I looked completely different.

“Luke looked amazing too and everyone was so proud of us.

“We’re now expecting our second baby together and we’re so excited, especially as it’s not classed as high risk due to my weight.”

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X4 pieces of toast


Cheese on toast with crisps and chocolate bar
chips and panini


Pasta bake
Chicken / burger and chips


Biscuits, crisps and chocolate



Porridge or overnight oats


Soup or jacket potato with tuna and salad


chicken / fish and vegetables


Cambridge chocolate bar or fruit