By Mikey Jones

A photographer has captured the hilarious moment a grumpy SEALphotobombed her shot of penguins.

Inger Vandyke, was trying to capture the perfect shot of the King Penguins while visiting Sandy Bay, on Macquarie Island near Australia.

However when she was poised and ready to take her photograph, a confident, yet moody, seal came along and photobombed the shot.

PIC BY Merrilyn Browne/ CATERS NEWS

Having well and truly stolen the penguins’ thunder, Inger found the shot hilarious when she looked back on her photo.

Inger, 47, said: “I had originally wanted to photograph the King Penguins behind him until he decided to sidle over to me uninvited!

“When this Southern Elephant Seal pup first approached me I was on my knees on the beach changing my camera lens.

“It waddled over to me, curious to see what I was up to!  I remember saying hello to it and asking the guide if he was dangerous?

PIC BY Merrilyn Browne/ CATERS NEWS

“The guide said “Oh no, he’s just come over to check you out!”, but it was my first ever encounter with Elephant Seals and I was hooked.

“I’ve since had baby Elephant Seals blow me kisses, sidle up to me and sleep as I’ve lay on my belly taking photos and also had them sleeping in my dry bags which they’ve rolled on to because they are warm.”