Animals Video

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the jaw-dropping moment an adult elephant tranquillised by forest officials is lifted by a crane and put onto a transporter truck. 

Two elephants entered into the residential area of Durgapur in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal at around 5am on Wednesday after coming out from the nearby Barjora forest.

The giant animals went on a rampage, creating panic among the local population.

Pics from Caters News

The panic stricken residents informed the local forest department after which a team of officials rushed to the place.

After several hours, the officials finally managed to tranquillise one elephant and drive the other into a nearby forest.

Following tranquillisation, a forest official in the footage can be seen putting a cloth on to the elephant’s face. The elephant had its feet chained as well. 

Pics from Caters News

Dramatic pictures show the elephant being lifted with the help of a crane and put onto a truck before it was transported to Jhilimili forest in Bankura.

Forest officer, Milan Kanti Pal said: “The elephants had went on rampage and damaged public property including a level crossing near Durgapur railway station.

“It took us six hours to tranquillise the elephant and drive the other into the forest. After tranquillising the elephant, we transported it to Bankura and later released the animal into the Jhilimili forest.”