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By Becca Husselbee 

It’s un-baalievable! A lamb who was saved from the slaughterhouse now thinks she’s a dog after living alongside her rescuer’s four hounds.

Little lamb Nellie was rescued by Gail Geldard, 51, when she was rejected by her mother and destined for the slaughterhouse – but after Gail brought her into the family home in Matlock, Derbys, she now lives alongside the family’s four dogs – even going out for walkies on a lead.

Month-old Nellie has lived with gail and her four pooches – Bulldog, Luna, Shar Pei, Ella, French Bulldog, Noah, and King Charles Cavalier cross, Jake, for three weeks – but has already been accepted as one of the pack, sleeping and eating alongside her new pals. 

She goes on long walks to the family’s local country pub, jumps in the back seat of the car – and even goes to doggy day care with her new flock. 

Gail said: “She follows me around everywhere and looks for me when I’m gone, she thinks I’m her new mum. 

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

“She has her own little personality and she loves to play with my dogs in the garden, in fact, I’m sure she thinks she is a dog. 

“They all play together in the garden and they will clean each other like dogs do. 

“She travels in the car with me, she has even had a bath, and she is bottle fed every four hours.

“She has her own little pen, with extra protection from the foxes overnight, but throughout the day she comes into the house with the dogs. 

“I even have a babysitter planned for when we go on holiday. It’s like having a baby of my own.”

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

Gail, who works providing accommodation for mental health patients, has given Nellie a home for life and says she has a special bond with her as well as husband, Darren, 47, son Toby, 19, and her four dogs, even taking them for walks together on their leads together. 

But Nellie was a complete surprise to Dareen, who came home to discover the lamb living in the family home after a snowboarding holiday with son, Toby. 

Darren said: “It was a bit of a shock when I came home to find a sheep in the house. 

“But she is very cute.”

Nellie has been well accepted by the pack but loves to snuggle up to her teddy at night whilst wearing jumpers and coats to keep her warm. 

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

Mum-of-three, Gail, said: “Jake is especially fond of her and will lick and clean her face. 

“Luna is a little bit more confused about the fact we have a sheep in the house and Ella is very curious.

“She has a teddy in her pen to keep her warm as she doesn’t have a mum to snuggle up too, she even tries to suckle on the teddy when she gets confused.”

Having Nellie around has even turned Gail off lamb, as she says she can no longer face eating meat after raising Nellie herself. 

She said: “I haven’t eaten lamb since Nellie came, I can’t even think about it since having her bounding around my home. 

“It just doesn’t feel right anymore, I couldn’t imagine the ordeal she would go through being sent to a slaughterhouse and I’m so happy we have given her loving home.”

Owner of the doggy daycare and play centre, Shaun Jordan, said: “Nellie has been very popular. She’s very cute and the staff have fallen in love with her. They love how she bounces around the room.”