Animals Video

By Katy Gill

A school of vertically swimming razor fish look just like leaves hanging off a branch underwater.

Veteran diver, Eric Desmot, captured the school of ‘heads-down, tails-up’ fish drifting in the current off the coast of Weh Island, Indonesia in early March.

The black and white striped fish, who get their name from their razor thin width, always swim in a vertical orientation.


They can hide from predators by ‘standing’ in coral reefs and disguising themselves as leaves on branches or darting for the nearest sea urchin and hiding within its spines.

Their diets consist of mainly small brine shrimp and other marine invertebrates – with their extended mouths sucking them up like a thin straw.

Eric said: “I had never seen this before, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“The fish were not scared by my presence.

“They continued to swim in the branches when I was near.

“The school consisted of 15 to 30 fishes, who all swim closely together and in sync

“They drifted along in the current and in the branches”