Life Video

By Helen Le Caplain

A couple were shocked when an MRI scan appeared to show their unborn son looking exactly like an angry Martian from Tim Burton cult classic Mars Attacks!

Laura Thomas and her partner Matthew Tansley burst out laughing when they spotted the uncanny resemblance between little Lucas Tansley at 30 weeks and one of the film’s aliens.

The scan shows an apparently furious-looking Lucas glaring at the camera with large bulging eyes and the outline of his brain clearly visible – just like one of the invading creatures from the b-movie homage.

The image provided much-needed light relief to the couple after concerned doctors discovered excess fluid on Lucas’ brain and carried out the scan in February 2017.

Laura, 26, is only sharing the hilarious scan pic now after doctors gave the 11-month-old tot a clean bill of health after passing his final round of blood tests earlier this year.

Full-time mum Laura from Bury, Greater Manchester, said: “At the time it was such a nerve-wracking experience, I was so relieved when the consultant looked at the scan and said everything looked ok.

“Then when we saw the picture I thought to myself ‘he doesn’t look too happy’ and burst out laughing.

“When he looked up at me from that scan all I could see were those eyes, it looked like he was possessed.

“His dad straight away said he looked like a Martian from Mars Attacks!

“You can see the resemblance straight away with the googly eyes and his brain on show which somehow made him look even angrier.”

Mars Attacks! is a 1996 American sci-fi comedy based on the trading card series which sees Martians invade earth, starting with Washington DC.

Mum-of-three Laura had a number of scans during her pregnancy due to being classed as high risk for pre-eclampsia.

During one of the scans doctors found excess fluid on Lucas’ brain and decided to investigate with an MRI scan, which resulted in the hilarious snap.

Laura said: “At the time of the scan it wasn’t something I thought would end up being so funny as it was looking quite serious.

“It was February 13th when they found out something wasn’t right and I had the MRI on the 28th.

“I spent those two weeks going out of my mind with worry – that fortnight felt like a lifetime.

“It was really strange as they put me into the hospital scanner. I was heavily pregnant and lying on my back in the machine, it was horrible.

“The consultant did warn me that the images would be a lot different to a standard 2D scan but I didn’t expect him to look like that.

“I think I expected a really clear picture of him so when I saw the scan it was a bit of a shock at first, but so funny.

“I said to the consultant ‘that’s not him is it?’, she laughed at my reaction and reassured me he was fine.

“I was just relieved he was ok and going to look like a human and not an alien.”

Lucas was born in April last year weighing 7lb 7ozs and in good health, something confirmed with his latest round of tests.

Laura said: “I’ve only decided to share the picture now because I’ve been waiting for the all clear, I didn’t want to make a mockery if something was wrong.

“Now we know he’s absolutely fine we just want to make everyone else laugh.”

Laura said that she and her mechanic partner Matthew, 28, find Lucas to be a generally happy and cheery little boy.

However Laura says they sometimes see a glimpse of the furious look he flashed her from the womb when things don’t go his way.

Laura said: “Lucas is such a happy, beautiful little boy, we absolutely adore him and everyone who meets him falls in love with him.

“However he can have a bad temper. If someone annoys him, for example if he reaches for something and he’s not allowed it, he can get in a bad mood and growl in a temper – we get a flash of what we saw in the scan.

“Getting the reassurance from the MRI scan was something I’m very grateful to have had.

“We went through that horrible experience together as a family and have come out of it with good news and a hilarious picture that I will remember forever.”