Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen

This adorable doggy birthday party caught on film shows five friendly pups celebrate – hats and cake included.

The five fluffy pals sit round the table as their owner, Katelyn Hoglund, sings them happy birthday and doles out the birthday cake.


Impressively the cute pups, mostly wait their turn and sit patiently in their chairs throughout the party.

The party consists of: birthday boy Jack, the great dane who has just turned three, Sally, a three-year-old black pit bull, Kilo, the eight-year-old white pitbull with a brown patch, Kain the two-year-old white pitbull and Lotto the great Dane puppy – who is just 13-weeks old in the video.


Katelyn, from Cincinnati, Ohio said: “We’ve had them all since puppies – Kain was a rescue. My husband found him locked in a crate, in the hot sun, behind an apartment building, covered in his own feces, malnourished and super scared.

“They had peanut butter banana carob pupcakes that I made for them


“The party went on for 20 minutes with hats but all night for puppy love & snuggles. Attached is a photo of all 7 of us.

“We have thrown parties for our dogs before – each pup gets a birthday. I have videos from the last two birthday parties – Kilo’s was in January and Sally’s was in December.”