Life Video

By Ben Walley

This adorable toddler is not happy about her mum’s magic trick and just wants to be herself!

Little Aryah, 3, gets very cross with her Mum, Ginabeth Martin, in Kitchener, Ontario, when she uses her pretend magic tricks to turn her into different animals.

The unimpressed toddler screams her name as she begs her mum to turn her back her normal self in the video, taken in March, this year.

Mum, Ginabeth, said: “She is this smart, whimsical, witty little girl who has an attitude that blows my mind. She also has this very expressive face that is soo funny.

“She likes to watch YouTube videos and we like do magic shows where she turns me into something and then I do the same to her.

“I kept on teasing her and she wanted me to turn her back to Aryah again but I kept ‘turning’ her to different animals and that’s where she got a little upset which is hilarious.

“I always post videos of her because I live in Canada and our relatives, who live in the Philippines, are always asking for videos of her so they can see her grow up.”