Offbeat Video

By Bethany Gleave 

This adorable baby was born with a head of unruly hair – but is absolutely petrified of hair dryers.

Micah McGloin has enough hair to make many adults jealous and his mane has turned him into a mini celebrity about town.


But the seven-month-old will not let his mum do anything to tame his locks and bursts into tears at the sight of a hair dryer.

Mum Charlotte Hillman, a trained hairdresser, says all she can do is quickly brush his hair and leave it to dry naturally after every wash.

The tot is ‘horrified’ by the sight of his mum’s hair dryer and Charlotte, 26, says he stares at it in terror whenever she reaches for it, even to dry her own hair.

She has only been able to give his hair a quick snip twice, meaning many strangers are stunned the by amount of hair he has.

Charlotte, from Wexford in Leinster, Ireland, said: “All I can do with his hair is brush it and leave it to do its thing. I can dry it with a towel but he is petrified of the hair dryer.

“I tried it once but he just looked horrified he didn’t like it at all and pushed it away.

“I haven’t used it to dry Micah’s hair since but whenever I pull it out to dry my own hair he looks at me in horror.


“It must be the loud noise that he is scared of but I’m definitely not allowed to use it near him.

“Luckily, despite there being so much of it, it isn’t too bad when I just leave it to dry.

“When he was born he just had this head full of hair. I actually asked the midwife if she had swapped my baby because I didn’t expect him to have so much.

“It just kept growing and growing. I have given him two haircuts myself to make sure he could see but it just grows back so quickly.

“At first it weirded me out the way it grew back so fast as my little girl was born with a lot but it calmed down after she was born.

“He is like a mini celebrity in our town as people always stop us so they can look at his hair.


“They can’t believe that he is so young and has so much.”

The stay-at-home mum from Wexford, South East Ireland, says that although Micah’s hair grows rapidly she can’t even think about chopping it all off.

Charlotte said: “Me and his dad, Joseph, were talking about cutting it off but then we realised he wouldn’t be Micah if we did chop it off.

“It’s just him and I think we’re just going to leave it to do its thing.

“His hair isn’t too difficult to manage and we love it how it is so it is staying. I might give him the odd trim but that’s all.”