Animals Video

By Nelson Groom 

This hilarious image shows a baby brushtail possum wedged into an impossibly tight spot when it became stuck behind a drainpipe during heavy rains.

The lucky little marsupial was rescued from a home in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia today [April 10] after falling from the roof and getting trapped in a tiny narrow gap between the drainpipe and the wall as it attempted to climb back up.

Animal rescuers attended the residence in The Basin, in the city’s east, and were able to free the stuck animal before bundling the uninjured possum up in a towel to take it out of harm’s way.

Rescuer Lisa Radford, 43, said the tiny 500g critter was blessed to have been freed from its sticky situation before it fell prey to swooping birds or feral cats.

Lisa, from Melbourne, said: “What must have happened was the baby fell off the roof and lost its mum.

“When it tried to climb back up it got stuck halfway, and that’s where the homeowner spotted it.

“It was lucky we got there before it was picked off my birds or feral cats. We always make sure to get there as soon as possible.”

Possums seek shelter, warmth and safety inside household roofs, which is where it was likely the three-month-old female marsupial was heading when it fell.

Adorable footage shows Lisa using a towel to wrap up the cuddly critter so it didn’t become alarmed before carefully maneuvering it from behind the drainpipe.

And while the animal did hiss at her few times she said it was ultimately happy to have found freedom, and even appears to be smiling in the video of its rescue.

The 43-year-old and her colleagues from Melbourne animal rescue Warriors 4 Wildlife now plan to release the baby animal back into the wild so it can be reunited with its mother.

Lisa said: “Luckily the babies like to be helped. He gave me a few hisses, but he was happy to be bundled up in a pouch.

“We took him into care with some other babies, at their age they are still drinking milk. And we’re planning to release him tonight.”