Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

A dog trainer was dragged across the road when her four-legged student was startled by a goose on the pavement.

Nicole Mackay was taking her student, two-year-old golden retriever, Bear for a walk in their neighbourhood when he dragged her across the road.

Whilst being trained to do new tricks, Bear was quickly distracted by a goose just metres away, and despite his good behaviour, the bird was too much.

Bear then proceeded to chase the goose across the road, dragging Nicole running behind him.

The footage was captured on one of their walks in Vancouver, Canada.

Nicole said: “He’s normally reactive to birds but this really pushed him over the edge. The swan came at us first which was hilarious.

“When I was with Bear, I was having a hard time staying focused.

“I take videos of the clients as I am training then, and this happened within two minutes of filming.

“Not long into our session this happened and the swan was literally on top of us! He fell on top of me and I was on the ground scrambling away crying laughing.

“This was the first time I had laughed like that in weeks – and nobody was hurt in the making of the video.”