Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This is the hilarious moment a penguin landing on an iceberg is immediately chased back into the water by another bird.

As a massive raft of Gentoo leap on and off the ice pack in Charcot Bay, Antarctica, on December 11, 2017 everything seems to be peaceful, if chaotic.

Suddenly on the right of the island, a solitary bird lands on the ice but is quickly confronted by a rival.


Having barely placed its feet on the solid ground, the penguin is met with a hostile beak and instantly topples back into the freezing water.

Juan van den Heever, from Pretoria, South Africa, said: “Spotting the penguin being chased off the iceberg was brilliant.

“You just see this flat iceberg floating past with hundreds of penguins hopping on and off it.

“It was amazing.


“There were thousands of them all feeding on krill in a massive bait ball.

“Minke whales were feeding alongside them.”