Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

Hordes of adorable guinea pigs rush out for what seems to be their favourite snack time treat: sprouts.

Forty-six of the fluffy little beasts rush out after realising what’s on the day’s menu and gobble their way through the selection of sprouts.

Their owner, Sophie Mason, 28, keeps her beloved pets in her home-built back garden guinea pig enclosure and loves to see them so excited over their food.

The full-time-mum and guinea-pig lover, from Lincoln, UK, says it took them just 15 minutes to gobble up the entire tree.

The cute critters are of various different breeds and aged between 10 days old to 3 years.

Sophie said: “Most of the guinea pigs were sleeping at the time apart from Cedric. I entered my enclosure and placed a large Brussels sprouts stalk on the floor.

“I make a kissing noise which lets the piggies know I have something for them. Cedric, Alice and Charlotte are the first pigs to notice and have a taste.

“Squeak, who is the dominant female of the herd comes running out from one of the hutches. She notices food and squeaks very loudly to inform the other pigs that there is a treat for them, it’s at this point all the piggies, including the very young babies start running towards the Brussels.


“After approximately 10-15 minutes the Brussels has been munched and they carried on their daily business.

“Seeing my guinea pigs so happy and content always fills me with pleasure. I couldn’t do enough for them. It made me laugh when squeak came running out because I knew she’d inform the others.

“When I see them altogether like that it makes me incredibly happy as I’ve always wanted a large herd of guinea pigs. I also couldn’t wait to show people the video, as I often flash off my piggies to everyone.

“I was surprised at how popular the video became and just how quickly it happened, but I was happy to receive the support and admiration from complete strangers. It was also nice to be able to help people who messaged me questions about their guinea pigs.”