Nature Video

By Luke Kenton

 This is the incredible moment a skier – inches from possible death – purposefully crashes to save himself from being caught up terrifying avalanche.

Aloft a cliff-side somewhere in the Chopok mountain range, Slovakia, experienced skier Norbert Salva is about to have a very lucky escape.

Slaloming down the mountainside, the teenager swooshes and veers his way through the powdered white beneath his feet at speed.

Suddenly the snowy surface begins tho break away, and instinctively Norbert manages to hurtle himself to safely, possibly saving his life as inches to his right a huge avalanche tears past at frightening speed.

Lucky escapee, Norbert, said: “I’ve never even been near an avalanche before – it was incredibly scary.

“I feel so lucky, it all happened so quickly.

“I slipped as I was skiing and then suddenly I turn around to see half the mountain coming down behind me.

“I knew I had to do something, so I just threw myself as far as I could.

“Luckily I managed to throw myself out of its path, who knows what could’ve happened otherwise.”