Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchel 

A car has been caught smashing into the rear end of a jeep in this shocking dash cam footage.

Michael Kirst, 45, was driving on March 19 2018 when he caught the moment another driver ploughed straight into his jeep.


The video shows Michael driving down a busy expressway when a blue Honda drives straight into the back of his jeep.

It appears as though the Honda hasn’t seen the car in front and as a result of the crash,  is left with a crumpled bonnet.

Michael, from California, US, said: “This isn’t the first time I have been involved in an accident much like this one.


“I was okay after the accident but the other driver was full of remorse and shock.

“I was really surprised my car had been hit from behind, mainly by the fact that he didn’t see me or wasn’t watching the road.”