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By Jack Williams

A two-legged dog that was hit by a car in Egypt and left to die in a pile of garbage has been given a new lease of life… on the other side of the Atlantic.

Pic by Kaylas Wheels / Caters

Lovable Kayla now lives happily ever after in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, having been flown around the world and given her very own wheelchair.

The unlikely journey began last year, when the Egypt Society for Mercy to Animals initially received a complaint of a dog screaming in a Cairo neighborhood.

There, 5-year-old Kayla was rescued – but she was extremely malnourished and her two infected legs needed to be amputated.

Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, dog lovers Sydneye Olkowski, 22, and Eric Plumb, 26, read about another two-legged dog who had been adopted through the help of Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR), deciding they wished to do the same.

Sydneye said: “Once we let SNARR know we were interested in Kayla, they sent out a volunteer home inspector to make sure we would be able to provide a safe environment for our new family member.

Pic by Kaylas Wheels / Caters

“Then Kayla was relayed across the country by over 20 volunteers from Oregon to central Wisconsin, where we picked her up and brought her to Milwaukee.”

Once she arrived in Milwaukee, Kayla was taken to a vet who specialises in amputee animals.

It was there that she received measurments for her wheelchair, which was provided by staff at K-9 Carts.

Pic by Kaylas Wheels / Caters

Since receiving the cart last year, Kayla has continued to adapt to it, also taking up swimming as a way of getting used to having a similar body position to being in the cart.

Sydneye added: “Kaylas personality is very much a princess.

“She is very opinionated and even makes attempts to talk when she has something important on her mind. She loves attention and remains quite calm as long as there is a hand on her head.

Pic by Kaylas Wheels / Caters

“The reaction from other people vary greatly when they see Kayla depending on when they see her…. When they see her in her cart or just walking on her two front legs, a lot of people are fascinated and love to give her attention – which plays great into her personality.

“We have even had drivers stop in the road to roll down their window and tell us how cute Kayla is and it make our and Kayla’s day.”

Kayla’s adventures can be followed on her Facebook page, Kayla’s world: