Animals Video

By Katy Gill

A GIANT alligator, thought to be one of the largest on record, has been caught on camera by stunned onlookers at a Florida beach.

The beast was filmed emerging out of the wetlands, leaving eyewitnesses lost for words.

Footage shows the 15ft long reptile dwarfing a normal sized gator as they sit on the banks of the water.


Marcy Clarius was out for a weekly walk when she spotted the monster gator climbing out of wetlands in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA, on March 23.

If the estimated size of 15ft is accurate, it would mean this prehistoric beast is the states biggest ever recorded gator – measured at 14ft in 2012.

Stood next to communities regular gator, named George, he looks three times his size.

Marcy said: “This is the biggest gator I’ve ever seen.”

“He must have been at least 15ft.”

“I have been visiting Wako for around 6 seasons and have never seen a gator this big.


“We thought George was the biggest.

“I guess we were all mistaken!”

With his nose only slightly appearing out of the water, the reptile looks like any standard alligator, not revealing the extent of his size until he hauled himself out of the lake.

The 66-year-old – who lives in Florida between the months of November-April due the brutal winter weather back home in Pennsylvania, USA – was only able to let out ‘oh my god!’ when the huge animal left the water.