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By Alex Matthews

This border collie was left completely baffled when a statue refused to play ball.

Eight-year-old Hurley was out for a walk with his owner Adam Shore on Liverpool’s Crosby Beach and playing fetch.

When the friendly dog spotted a human figure stood on the shore he happily ran over to it and dropped the ball at its feet.


But Hurley was left baffled when the person refused to play with him.

In fact the border collie had left the ball in front of one of Anthony Gormley’s cast iron figures as part of the sculptor’s ‘Another Place’ installation.

Video footage shot by Adam shows Hurley impatiently pawing at the ground trying to get the statue to move before shooting his owner a puzzled look.

Adam can be heard laughing as he watches his dog repeatedly giving the ball to the figure and lying poised to chase after it.

Adam, academic director of Liverpool Business School, part of Liverpool John Moores University, said: “That’s Hurley all over. He’s eight years old now but he still thinks he’s a puppy.

“He’s addicted to fetch and will play it with anyone. He’ll carry the ball up to everybody he sees to get them to throw the ball, usually when I’ve grown tired after an hour of playing.

“It’s most often people on benches that he goes to, and this is the first time he’s tried to play with a statue.


“It was quite funny when he went up to it, and at one point he looked at me to ask ‘what’s going on?’ He’s not used to being ignored.

“He tried for about a minute to get the statue to play before giving up and moving on.”

Adam has had Hurley since he was a puppy, after collecting him from a small farm in South Wales.