Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

This parent experienced a very funny twist when teaching her cheeky toddler the colours of the rainbow, discovering he holds an unexpected dislike to the colour ORANGE.

Holly Bennet was reciting the colours of the rainbow with her two-year-old son, Beau, during evening bath time at their home in Texas, USA, when the youngster repeatedly refered to the color as ‘sh*tty’.

The young boy, who had bath toys on his fingers to assist in the learning, was asked by his mom to call out the names of the colours.

Speaking sweetly, he starts the game by referring to the orange colored toy as ‘sh*tty’ leading onto to purple, ‘nah’ – meaning red, green and yellow.

Trying to figure out if Beau was intentionally swearing, Holly asked him to repeat himself, with the youngster ecstatically replying “Sh*tty! Sh*tty, Sh*tty!”

The mother-of-triplets, who filmed the moment on 23 November 2017, said: “He doesn’t understand what a curse word is.

“I really wish I knew where he picked it up but sometimes just kids say the funniest things.

“The first time I heard him say it and repeat it, I laughed so much.”

Beau, who is the middle child of triplets, is seen as a ‘miracle’ child by Holly, who believes her son was born with ‘a little extra zest for life’ after experiencing complications in the womb.

Holly added: “This is in keeping with his personality, he is incredibly cheeky.

“My uncle hypothesized that my niece taught him that orange was sh*tty because that is the colour of her competitor college.

“He still doesn’t say orange correctly but it has now morphed from shitty into something slightly different.”