Life Video

By Ben Walley

A toddler couldn’t help but cry in confusion when he was confronted by his freshly shaved beardless father.

Mason Inman, one, burst into tears when he saw his dad for the first time without a beard.


Tay, 27, decided to capture the moment that he approached his son for the first time without a beard, but the reaction was not what he expected.

Overcome with shock, Mason burst into tears upon seeing such a massive change in his dad’s appearance.

This footage was captured in their family home in Grand Prairie, Texas, by Edith Inman.

Edith said: “This was Mason’s first time seeing his dad clean shaven as Tay had to do so for work.


“He didn’t expect the reaction Mason gave, because his older brother, Logan, never did this as a baby.

“But Mason definitely didn’t recognise his dad and we could tell he was genuinely so confused.

“He refused to go to his dad that night and wouldn’t let him pick him up until the next day.”