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By Lauren Fruen 

A NEW mum is celebrating her miracle rainbow baby after 15 years of trying and five miscarriages.

Jennie Hill, 40, suffers from a rare genetic disorder which means she faced recurrent miscarriages and had a 95 percent chance of losing any pregnancy.

But after years of trying and devastating losses her miracle rainbow baby, Harper Grace, was born in January last year.

Pic by Naturally Posh Photography/Caters News

Full time mum Jennie lost her first baby in 2003.

She then went on to miscarry two more babies with her first husband – the second in 2004 and a third just one year later.

After getting divorced Jennie was single for nine years before she reconnected with an old college friend John, 39, and the pair began dating.

Just a few months later and the couple were married.

But there was further heartbreak to come for Jennie after she lost two more babies.

Then, in 2016 the couple began IVF and after three rounds of treatment, Jennie became pregnant with Harper Grace.

Jennie, from Georgia, said: “After 39 years of dreaming of motherhood I finally had my rainbow baby.

Pic by Naturally Posh Photography/Caters News

“I have a genetic chromosome disorder called Balanced Translocation.

“I lost my first baby over Christmas so that was always a difficult period.

“When you hear ‘there is no heartbeat’ it is absolutely devastating.

“I reconnected with John and we ended up eloping nine weeks later.

“But it was devastation after devastation.

“IVF gave us hope.

“When I finally fell pregnant I remained cautiously optimistic.

Pic by Naturally Posh Photography/Caters News

“This was our rainbow. It’s been absolutely awesome since she arrived.

“She is a blessing. We both just watch her all the time.

“When you have waited for so long you are just so grateful when they come along.

“I actually have a shelf in Harper’s room that I have two angel bears. I have from my last two losses and an angel holding a baby to represent my other three plus my scan pictures.

“Never, ever give up. If I can give one person hope with my story.

Pic by Naturally Posh Photography/Caters News –

“One way or another it can happen.”