Video Viral

By Tui Benjamin 

A couple who filmed a female motorist ‘FaceTiming her boyfriend’ while driving at 60mph claim she begged them not to share the footage – while still at the wheel.

Unbelievable footage caught the brunette balancing her mobile phone on her steering wheel to enjoy a conversation with a male friend while driving on Perth’s Mitchell Freeway last Saturday [March 24].

The woman, 32, was slapped with a $400 AUD (£220 fine) and three demerit points by West Australia Police after shocking video of her blasé approach to road safety went viral on social media.

But the driver who spotted the woman – who he claims was driving at 100kmph (60mph) – could have killed someone and should also be charged with reckless endangerment.

The anonymous Perth resident claims the shameless driver even accelerated after him and pleaded through her car window for the footage not to be made public – still while driving.

The man, whose wife filmed the clip, said: “I had my cruise control set for 98mph and she went past me.

“Then we saw her FaceTiming – she was in a full-blown conversation with someone I could see was male, laughing and having a good chat with her phone propped up on the steering wheel.

“Because she was so distracted, she kept speeding up and slowing down and she was moving from white line to white line within her lane.

“When I beeped at her in the video, it was because she had actually half gone into the emergency hard shoulder. If she had carried on she would have gone off the road.

“When she saw us filming she dropped the phone, but later she caught up with us and was wagging her finger and making faces and hand gestures to say ‘don’t do anything about that video’.

“It was terrible, absolutely ridiculous – how can anybody think it is acceptable? When you’re driving on a freeway, you have to be 100 per cent alert.

“She could have killed herself or someone else.

“Using phones at the wheel is an epidemic at the moment – every other car you see someone doing it.

“I think her punishment should have been more severe, she got the same treatment as someone who touched their phone at a red light.

“She should be charged with reckless endangerment as well.

In the video, the woman can be seen using her left hand to prop her mobile phone on the wheel of her silver Honda while using her right hand to steer.

When the driver honks his horn, she guiltily drops her phone before glancing awkwardly back at the camera.

Footage of the incident was shared thousands of times on Facebook.

A spokesman for Western Australia Police said: “A 32-year-old woman residing in the South Metropolitan District has received an infringement for driver use of a mobile phone.

“This comes after she was filmed using her phone whilst driving along the Mitchell Freeway in Leederville on Saturday 24 March, 2018.

“The infringement is for $400 and three demerit points.”

Police confirmed the woman would not be charged with any additional offence.