Life Video

By Katy Gill

This 11-year-old autistic girl showcases her unique bond with her chicken best friend by teaching it to jump through hoops, helping her social development.

After realising the birds could act as therapy pets, Summer Farrely set up ‘Chickens To Love’, a therapy chicken farm, with her mum, Cynthia, to help their family members deal with their individual autistic diagnoses.


The young innovator, from Queensland, Australia, was filmed teaching her therapy pet how to jump through hoops, outlining the depth of her friendship with the unconventional pet.

The adolescent decided to film the informative video after asking her online followers what they would like to see from her.

The majority of the poll suggested she teach her amazingly smart chicken, Hazel, to jump through a hoop – an event that was filmed on 24 February.

Providing her followers with a three-point step-by-step guide on how she achieved it, their friendship is built from trust.

The animal, who doesn’t have qualities like any other typical domestic house pet, shows understanding for the girls instructions and the knack to learn quickly.

During her coaching perseverance, Summer reminds her viewers that every effort has to be awarded, showing herself feeding Hazel a tasty treat of mealworm sand petting her feathers.

Summer said: “This activity tests her fine motor and coordination skills.


“This enrichment activity focuses on keeping our chickens active in body and mind.”

“It’s also a different way in which I can bond with my chickens.”

The youngster, who has received worldwide attention after setting up the world’s first ever recognized therapy chicken farm, has gained social skills from the chickens and, in return, has helped them back.

The 11-year-old said: “We treat our autism as our superpower.

“We focus on what we can do, not what we can not do.

“I have a special connections with chickens.

“They make me feel loved, needed, valued and special.

“My chickens make no judgement against me.”