Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

A young boy was so tired after a night of no-sleeping that he was too tired to WALK on his way to school.

King James McDaniel, four, spent the time he was meant to be sleeping watching videos with his sister.

Despite having a 9pm bedtime, King didn’t go to sleep until 3.30am and ended up being exhausted for school the next morning.

When getting ready for his day, King was so tired that he forgot how to walk – and the hilarious clips shows him falling over out of exhaustion.

The footage was captured by his mum, Cherazar Johnson, in their home in Louisiana.

Cherazar, 33, said: “My children have a 9pm bed time but King didn’t go to sleep – instead he snuck into his sister’s room and got her phone so he can watch videos.

“I woke up at roughly 3.30am and caught him on the phone so I took it away, I then woke him up for school at 6.45 am.

“The whole time I was getting him dressed he was asleep, so when it was time for me to bring him to the bus stop I made him walk.

“He was sleep walking – it was just too funny I had to record it.

“I didn’t know he was going to fall and that’s what made it more funny because he got up like nothing had happened!”