Video Viral

By Katy Gill

 This pair of hyper monkeys have been caught going ape for treats in a series of funny viral videos.  

Matthew Crown, 29, and Gabriella Katia, 24, from Miami, Florida, own monkeys, Diddy and Yeti Kong, who they’ve had since they were just a few weeks old.

The inseparable monkeys, who are Common Marmoset and Hybrid Marmoset monkeys, have since generated one million online followers.

Yeti and Diddy who both have a real sweet tooth, can be seen licking organic lollies, reaching for strawberries and snacking on peanut butter in their latest videos..  

And with their page going viral, it’s no surprise they have captured the hearts of people across the globe.

Matthew said: “They both love sweet things and although they are videoed eating a lot of sugary snacks, in reality it’s only tiny portions.

“They eat mostly veggies and proteins with a little fruit.

“Both Yeti and Diddy love trying new foods and they both only eat the very best quality.”

Matthew and Gabriella both claim their monkeys are very high maintenance and are spoilt on a daily basis.  

Matthew added: “They get spoiled every day, it’s hard not to, they’re adorable.  

“We know they love sugary treats but we have to be careful.

“For example, we will let them lick lollies but we we’d never give them an entire one as it would be too much sugar for them and it would take hours.”

With Yeti’s and Diddy’s online following growing every day, it’s almost impossible for their owners to go out without being recognised.

Matthew said: “It’s amazing how many people even recognize them on the street.

“Especially Diddy Kong with his signature vest.

“As an animal lover, we’re trying to utilise his following for good by donating to animal charities.

“We’re also doing some contests for private face times and meet and greets.

“It’s amazing how many people love Diddy and Yeti .”

Both Diddy and Yeti go travelling with Matthew and Gabriella and even have their favourite stop to climb. 

Matthew added: “They come with us often when we travel and love going out for walks. They love climbing in their favourite tree in Naples too.”