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By Charlotte Nisbet

This amazing 77-year-old ballerina is still on her toes and practicing ballet six days per week.

Suzelle Poole, originally from Chelsea, London, first started ballet dancing when she was seven years old and hasn’t stopped since.

As young as 10 years old, Suzelle experienced her first professional ballet performance and later featured in a number of world class shows across the world. 

Now living in Dallas, Texas, US, Suzelle – who known as Madame Poole – teaches and practices ballet up to six times per week.

And Madame Poole even performs at nursing homes for people who are often older than herself and are unable to go out.

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Suzelle – who is also a published poet – believes that everyone would benefit from being taught ballet as she’s as fit as a fiddle.

She added : “I have always loved ballet dancing and I’m always practicing and striving to improve.

“I’m able to teach all ages and levels of ballet, I have just taken an intermediate foundation exam and teach all ages how to dance at Royale Ballet Dance Academy.

“I started at my current dance school in 2003 and as well as dancing there I also perform at nursing homes around Dallas.

“I feel that seeing my dancing might encourage any disabled residents to do the exercises offered by the care staff.

“I’m older than a lot of them in there and they can’t believe I’m still dancing, I’m so grateful that I can.

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“But for me, dancing is the most wonderful exercise, I’m fit, I take no medication and I believe everyone would benefit from being exposed to ballet classes to their own level.

Suzelle, who practices ballet six times per week, only takes Tuesdays off dancing so she can go to church, visit the indoor shopping markets and placing flowers in her husbands memory.

She added: “I like to ensure I get out of my house every day and that’s another tip for keeping yourself feeling young.

“I’m so grateful to all of my great teachers during my ballet career.

“A lot of people say I’m an inspiration due to my age and it really helps some people realise that they too can try ballet.

“I’m just doing what I love doing, I love performing and being with beautiful classical music such as Beethoven.

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“As a ballet dancer I’m always challenging myself to have better technique and I’ll continue to perform for as long as I can.

“My chin can always be higher and my toes more pointed.”

Suzelle has transformed herself into a number of characters for part of her ballet shows.

She said: “Over the years I have performed as many Fairy Godmothers’ and often as soloist such as Cupid in Mozart’s production and Gounad’s Romeo and Juliet.

“I can dance, teach and be a soloist for shows and ballet has and always will be a huge passion of mine.

“My husband was a opera singer and I have choreographed a dance to his wonderful voice .

“I hope my story shows others that there’s no age limit on dancing.”