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By Lauren Fruen

THE mum of a set of quintuplets has described the hectic lifestyle having five babies brings to her home as the little ones turn one.

Briana Turner and hubby Jordan spent two years trying to fall pregnant until they found out they were expecting not one but FIVE babies.

Jordan said he “almost passed out” when he first heard the news following their fertility treatment.

Now, almost a year after their birth, the family have opened up about what life is like with five newborns.

The tots – born in May last year – each go through around four outfits a day which means total of 20 changes and at least three loads of washing.

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They also go through around 60 nappies a day and a feed happens every 30 minutes – something Briana describes as an “assembly line”.

At one stage the babies were getting through around 40 bottles of milk a day.

Jordan, 27, only took a week off work before heading back to the day job working on a crane.

Since then Briana has been helped by her mum and a nanny with childcare for Zoey Hart, Dakota Faith, Hollyn Grace, Asher Blaze and Gavin Lane.

She said doesn’t like to think about how much it has all cost them – but it’s certainly in the thousands.

Briana, 30, who lives with her family in Kentucky, said: “It’s absolutely crazy – there is certainly never a dull moment in the house.

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“We are feeding every 30 minutes because as soon as the last baby is fed you are back to feeding the first one. The cycle starts again.

“It is a bit like an assembly line.

“They get through numerous bottles a day. We have a nanny that stays with us. My mum is also here at 6am everyday to help out. We are so thankful for that.

“We haven’t really taken them out too much as their immune systems are weak but when we do we certainly attract attention!

“We usually take them out in twos or threes on different trips.

“We had to get a van as soon as they were born – obviously our standard car didn’t fit them. But even that’s a squeeze!

Pics from Caters News

“It is definitely a huge task taking them out and we attract a lot of attention. We can’t really go anywhere without that.

“Each of them has their own little personalities. It has been really cool watching them grow.

“We do have to stay to quite a tight schedule and we are adapting that as they grow.

“We are going to have to get a bigger house for sure.

“Sometimes it does not seem real – this past year has just been a bit of a blur.

“They each go through around four outfits a day – that means at least three washes.

“We go through around 60 nappies a day.

“It’s certainly been a shock and a steep learning curve.”

Asked if they will have anymore babies Briana replies: “O my goodness – we are done.”

The family have a Go Fund Me page ( and an Amazon wishlist