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By Curtis Mitchell

This man has formed a close bond with his feline friend after using him as a fluffy pillow.

Gavin Williams was allowed to spend the night with two cheetahs, named Faith and Eden, at the breeding centre in Bloemfontein South Africa

PIC FROM Caters News

Gavin, who has a zoology degree, has been volunteering at the Cheetah Experience breeding centre for nearly five years and has known Faith since she was eight-months-old.

Faith is severely handicapped due to spinal meningitis but was introduced to therapy cheetah, Eden, and the pair have become inseparable.

Gavin said: “I chose to spend my first night ever with one of the cheetahs inside the house on a nice clean bed.

“It was the following year when I decided to take the plunge and try an outside sleepover with cheetahs.

PIC FROM Caters News

“A nice tile floor was installed in the cheetah box that was heated so that convinced me.

“I spend every night outside with the animals when I am there.

“I only use my room they give me for storage and to work my gear and equipment.

“Spending nights with cheetahs is that magical to me. But, you don’t spend nights with cheetahs, they decide to spend nights with you.

“Faith is non-aggressive but she has one major reason for concern… a love bite from hell.”