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By Ben Walley

This baby was left very confused after seeing her dad without his beard for the first time.

Little Rose Debling is just 18 months-old and wasn’t sure about her dad’s new look.

Pics from Caters News

Parents Steve, 32, and Kim, 34, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, filmed the toddler’s reaction after Steve’s clean shave before returning to work in January, this year.

Kim, who is an ex RAF air traffic controller, said: “I thought she might react like that, but the reaction was a lot stronger. I felt pretty terrible.

“She was like that for about an hour, after that she was absolutely fine.

Pics from Caters News

“I think she knew it was him but she knew something was wrong. You can see her trying to touch his face.”

Kim is currently undergoing treatment for stage four cancer and is making YouTube videos from home.

She said: “Steve has to be clean shaven for work but I love it when he grows a beard so I always insist he grows one whenever he is on leave.

“He took shared parental leave for Rose and grew an amazing bushy beard.”