Video Viral

By Nelson Groom

This sidesplitting footage shows the moment a nervous pensioner took the plunge with a fish spa for the first time – only to crumble into a fit of hysteria.

Fish spas have shot to popularity as an alternative beauty treatment which involve tiny Garra Rufa fish nibbling on feet to remove the dry skin.

But when Jacquie Wehmeyer, 68, dunked her feet at Garra Fish Spa Experience in Newport, Kentucky, USA, last week, her ticklish reaction was a little louder than most.

PIC FROM Caters News

Jacquie visited the spa with husband Gary, also 68, and daughter Jennifer Parry, 42, who caught the hilarious scenes on camera.

And footage of the retired mum’s squeamish response to the Garra Rufa’s painless nibbles has made a massive splash online, with almost 12 million views.

But despite wailing loudly throughout the clip, Ohio-based Jacquie described the experience as “very soothing” and put her reaction down to “the anxiety of the unknown.”

Jacquie said: “I was screaming but it was actually very soothing. It was just the anxiety of the unknown.

PIC FROM Caters News

“It felt kind of like a bubble bath, but between the toes. It tickles, but it’s nice once I calmed down. I would definitely go again.”

Jennifer, who tried the experience herself, said she was reduced to tears of laughter by her mother’s meltdown.

Jennifer said: “It was hard to film because I was laughing so hard with tears streaming down my face. I’m still laughing when I think about it.

PIC FROM Caters News

“There were some people watching outside, so my dad was trying to calm her down.”

Jennifer, from Ohio, said despite her own amusement, she has been bowled over by how viral her video has gone.

The businesswoman added: “I never expected the video to blow up online. As soon as I set it public it just took off.

“I had to explain to my mum what going viral meant. It’s crazy!”