Amazing Video

By Kristiana Hall

This stunt rider is WHEELIE high up – pulling heart-stopping tricks 130 feet in the air.

Flaviu Cernescu, from Romania, rode dangerously close to the edge of a giant funicular in his home city of Resita.

After climbing to the top of the structure, with the river a long way down below, he began weaving his way from side to side and wheelieing up and down at speed.

The freelance videographer began climbing the cable railway when it closed down over 20 years ago.

Flaviu said: “I started stunt riding when I was a child as I was driven by challenges and personal records as opposed to conventional sports and competition.

PIC FROM Flaviu Cernescu / Caters News

“I used to walk under this funicular about 20 years ago when I was going to high school.

“Around that time it closed down and so I started climbing it and walking across the top.

“Then about 12 years ago I rode a unicycle on it for the first time.

“On this occasion I wanted to try a wheelie so I took my bike up there and tried.

“The first problem was trying to avoid the welded hooks along the middle of the pathway.

“As you might expect my best chance was to ride as close as possible to the middle so I had room for error but I had to offset a little to avoid the wheel hiking those nasty hooks.

“After some trial and error it was a fine ride.”