Amazing Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

The world’s steepest train ride has been caught on camera – and it’s enough to make your stomach churn.

The train ride leading up to Mount Pilatus in Switzerland is the world’s steepest train ride – with a maximum gradient of 48 per cent.

This footage shows the journey that passengers take up the mountain and just how high up the train takes you.

For those with a nervous disposition or an intolerable fear of heights, this footage will make your stomach churn.

PIC FROM Caters News

However, despite the height, the journey provides beautiful views including sightings of lakes, mountains and a journey through a cave.

The footage was captured by passenger, Eric Sanchagrin, when he was aboard the world’s steepest train ride.

Eric, 28, said: “It was a stunning journey and the views were absolutely breathtaking – everywhere you looked there were gorgeous landscapes.

“The railway line starts at the bottom of the mountain in the village of Alpnachstad and ends near the top of the mountain at Esel summit at an altitude of 2,073m.

“The train is very quiet but just a little creaky, but the ride provides a stunning view of Lake Lucerne.

“The first cave was well lit with electric lights every few meters – it was cool and damp as you passed through.

“There is a legend of a dragon who lives in a cave on the mountain but I did not get to view that!”