By Jamie Smith

That’s one what to light-term up! – as luminescent larvae turn termite mounds into a strange alien landscape.

The eerie green light spread around the heaps of earth almost look as though Mother Nature has been decorating the ground with fairy lights.

Pic By Marcio Cabral/Caters News

With the night sky stretched out overhead the effect is certainly dramatic.

The luminescence is caused by firefly larvae attempting to attract insects emerging at the start of the rainy season.

The strange phenomenon can only be witnesses in the Parque das Emas in central Brazil.

Landscape photographer Marcio Cabral travelled to the national park to try and capture the scene in perfect conditions.

Pic By Marcio Cabral/Caters News

Marcio, 42, said: “I was at the Parque das Emas, the only place in the world you can capture this phenomenon, to capture the bioluminescence produced by the larvae of fireflies that feed on the insects attracted to the light.

“It is a rare phenomenon and only occurs in the first rains after the dry season.

“You have to be very lucky to get a good intensity to the light.

Pic By Marcio Cabral/Caters News

“I have visited for the past years and I have never before been able to see it at its maximum intensity.

“It depends on the temperature, humidity, absence of wind and whether the moon is shining brightly.

“It’s really incredible to see and I keep wanting to go back year after year, always hoping it will be really intense.

“The ancient settlers were afraid of these termite mounts and believed they contained spirits.

“But I think the terrestrial bioluminescence has its own magic.”