Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

These hyenas are having a real laugh – as they prove it’s a dog eat dog world.

The vicious pack stormed in to claim a catch off a group of wild dogs.

, thought to be a buck, when suddenly they are startled and turn to run.

Two of three braver dogs try to take their last rapid bites out of the carcass before a larger hyena bounds into the picture and quickly circles around the food.

Pic by Latest Sightings/Caters News**

Despite one or two attempts by the dogs to nip at the hyenas and get them to leave, by the time three have turned up the dogs realised the fight is lost.

They slide into the background as the group of hyenas begin aggressively ripping the meat from the bones.

The victors can be heard making their famous ‘laugh’.

The amazing footage was captured by Professor Peet Van Der Vyver.

He said: “This heart-pounding sight is enough to keep anyone off their seat.

“The wild dogs and the hyenas were in top form as the events unfolded.

“The dogs were feasting on their successful kill when all of a sudden the hyenas appeared out of nowhere and laid claim to the meal.

“Sneaky as ever, the hyenas managed to snatch the buck out of the wild dogs’ way.

“In the end, victory went to the hyenas as their shrill screams could be heard ringing through the air.