Life Video

By Lauren Fruen 

 A HEROIC nanny has been left with life changing injuries after saving a toddler’s life from an oncoming car. 

Brave Caroline Maurer took the full brunt of the crash after pushing Fox Wolkoff’s pram out of danger and to safety. 


She then stuck her arms out to put body between the car and the stroller. 

The car hit Caroline, throwing her a few feet and fracturing bones in her hands, wrists, and arms. 

The collision in March last year – after the car ran a stop sign – also left her suffering from PSTD. 

Fox miraculously escaped with only minor scrapes and bruises and doctors told his family Caroline had saved his life. 

Caroline – labelled a “true hero” by Fox’s parents – was in the hospital and a rehab facility for another months after the incident. 


She has undergone multiple surgeries and is still in physical therapy. 

Medics have said that due to the severity of the injuries, she may never regain full strength in her hands. 

She has also continued to struggle with dizziness, and recently underwent an MRI to determine if she sustained head trauma. 

Caroline has been unable to work since the accident, and doesn’t know when she’ll be able to return to work. 

She is also a student and has had to put her studies on hold indefinitely. 

But despite that Caroline, who lives in LA, said she would do it all again without a second thought. 

another months after the incident. 

She said: “I just instinctively pushed the stroller out of the way. I was screaming, ‘Stop! Stop!’ 

“I stuck my arms out and pushed the stroller as hard as I could. I stuck my arms out and put my body between the car and Fox. 

“My hands were crushed. He was screaming, ‘Nanny Caroline, I love you’. 

“Saving Fox is the best possible outcome to a terrible situation and I would do it again in a heartbeat – he has my heart.”

Fox’s mum Courtney said: “Caroline is a true hero, and we are forever grateful to her for saving our son’s life. 

“I would always joke that Caroline was Mary Poppins. We truly lucked out with her. 

“She’s family now. Because of Caroline, the worst didn’t happen. She saved his life.” 

Fox’s family are raising money to help Caroline. To donate visit