Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

This cute toddler seems amazed at the discovery of his own nipples.

Little Jude Ferguson points to his nipples and laughs, ‘Nipples’ he shouts, ‘two nipples!’.

The two-year-old’s parents say that adorable tot does a lot of hilarious things – from shouting about nipples t to calling himself ‘Bubba Jones’.


His mum and dad, Kyle, 31, and Karissa, 30 both live in Memphis Tennessee and they say they’re a bit worried about how the things he says might sound out of context.

Kyle, a paediatric nurse, said: “One day it just seemed like he suddenly noticed they were on his chest and he started pointing at them. 

“I told them they were nipples and since then he tends to draw attention to them whenever his shirt is off and he notices them.

“Recently, when I didn’t have my shirt on, he said, “Daddy has nipples, too!”;He does a lot of funny things. 

“One day before he even turned two years old I was stretching and as my shirt lifted, showing my belly a little bit, Jude started crying and yelling, “belly showing!” over and over.


“Also before he was two, a waitress in a restaurant asked him his name one day and he told her it was “Bubba Jones.”

“One day last month, Karissa asked him what he was doing and he said, “I’m picking my nose like a crazy bean.” And sometimes he calls Santa Claus, “Noah”

“He loves to run around the house playing a triangle and yelling, “Happy New Year!”

“He has seen the videos and he laughs when he sees them and always asks to watch them over and over again. He says, “I want to see ‘Two Nipples'” – out of context, I’m afraid of how that will sound if he starts saying it around other people.”