Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

A sad looking Golden Retriever watches on as his neighbouring gleefully plays on.

Caymus the four-year-old retriever seems like he wants to join in, but just doesn’t know how.

Owner Tara-Jeanne Kosloski, from Illinois, caught the sweet moment on film as her husband threw the ball for their dog Cassy.

Seven-year-old Cassy gleefully chases after the ball, seemingly oblivious to the awkward onlooker.

Tara-Jeanne said: “My husband and I were sitting out in the yard at our fire pit, first longer day of Daylight Savings, throwing Cassy the ball.


“Caymus came out and I always try to get my dogs, to go greet him; they will go give him a quick look and go about their business.

“That evening, he just sat and looked very longingly at Cassy playing so I took a quick video.

“I don’t think so, he has very attentive owners, but he is a very quiet and pensive dog. I’ve never really met one like him. He just wants to observe rather than join in.

“I’m not sure what would happen if he actually visited our yard with my rambunctious dogs!

“Sometimes he watches closer to the fence line or sniffs around in the brush close to the fence.

“He is usually in and out of his house, like 15 mins max. Or in the front yard with his toys, he has a few stuffed animals laying out, they have an invisible fence.

“I was mostly laughing at Cassy who was pretty much throwing the ball herself and then noticed sweet Caymus looking on. He is a really nice dog.

“Sometimes I wish my dogs would interact I guess we’re lucky they don’t bark at each other.

“People really empathize with Caymus and compared it to their middle school experience or wondered why the camera person didn’t invite him over or thought he might be a older dog reflecting on his youth.

“I think that’s why it got so much attention, people just really saw themselves in Caymus or felt protective over him.”