By Mike Jones

This is the adorable moment a new born baby springbok took its first shaky steps…with a little encouragement from its proud mum.

The tiny antelope was spotted tumbling several times as it tentatively tried to stand up and walk at the Etosha National Park in Namibia.

Pic by Karen van der Kolk/Caters News 

Its proud mum stayed close by and gave nudges of encouragement as her little one found its feet just moments after being born.

The adorable scene was captured by Karen van der Kolk from The Netherlands.

The 45-year-old spotted the springbok mum behaving strangely before realising she was in labour.

Pic by Karen van der Kolk/Caters News 

She said: “The baby’s head was already out and it was also breathing already. But it wouldn’t come out.

“We kept our distance to give her some rest. She crossed the road and laid down behind some bushes.

“As soon as it was born it lifted its head and immediately tried to lift a leg.

Pic by Karen van der Kolk/Caters News

“The first attempts to stand up failed, due to the fleece of birth on the back and around the legs of the little one.

“The baby springbok tumbled a couple of times before the mum started to clean the baby and eat the fleece.

“In between they connected a couple of times, nose to nose.

Pic by Karen van der Kolk/Caters News –

“After the baby was clean, more attempts followed. Mum was guiding encouraging it. It was so cute to witness.