Offbeat Video

By Mike Jones

The cute pooch has perfect balance and loves spending time on the water with his owner.

Five-year-old Barney the blue cattle dog is a paddleboard pro with perfect balance.

Tracy Olive, Barney’s owner, says that she recently started paddle boarding and as soon as Barney saw, he was up and begging to come with her.

Tracy Olive / Caters News –

At first Tracy was reluctant as she didn’t want rescue dog Barney to scratch the surface of the board, but she soon relented.

He carefully jumped on and she says he was perfect at it almost immediately.

Tracy has a passion for photography and she captured these cute pictures in Baffle Creek in Queensland, Aus.

Tracy, who runs a business with her husband Greg, said: “Barney had always wanted to get on but the paddle board is polished wood and I never really wanted him on there because he would scratch it but eventually with his begging and whining I gave in and carefully he jumped aboard. He was straight away perfect at it.

“He has great balance and he’s not at all frightened. He trusts me so much he felt safe and just did what I told him to do.

“Now whenever I get the board out he is there waiting to get on. I have shown heaps of people the video they think it is so cool that he loves the paddle board and how clever I am for teaching him to stay on it.

“The truth really is that as long as he is next to me he is happy and feel safe and loved because for all we know he may remember when he was alone and dumped and had that terrible feeling that he would never feel the love of his human ever again.

“Now he has me, well he has all of us, but he chooses me and I love him dearly and will always keep him safe loved and never alone

Tracy Olive / Caters News

“He follows me and generally will do whatever I encourage him to do – we have been kayaking, fishing and camping.

“He has even been on the bow of the boat we have and has met a bow riding dolphin. He is generally my bestie and would follow me to the end of the earth if I let him.

“At Baffle Creek these dog will swim the channel to the sand bar and swim, dig in the sand and chase waves. Then he can’t wait to get in the boat to go and run up and down the beach.

“The paddle board is new to us. I am a learner paddler. I love it when the water is clean in the creek as I can see schools of fish, turtles, crabs, rays and all sorts of other critters.”